Brand & Advertising After Covid 19

  • Adverting after covid 19
  • A brand nourishes from the cauldron and the cup of advertising. This could be a different image for the brands that we consider as "well-established". However, they all grew up drinking the magic potion of the advertising industry.

    Remember the March of 2020? Well, everyone has elephant memory when it comes to Covid 19! The initial month of pandemic hit every industry hard, and compelled everyone to sit back and go clueless. Advertising and branding agencies certainly witnessed the tremendous variation in their functioning.

    As the consumers started staying home, the loss incurred during the lockdown went disproportionate. The reputation made by the brands through consumer satisfaction failed to surpass the hold of pandemic. This is the thing; no one can convince a human being who is determined to save his/her life from a global pandemic. He/she does not care about the brand, ads and market conditions whatsoever. Eventually, with the rising needs, people started getting out- first for survival, then necessity, finally for irresistible ends.

  • Adverting after covid 19
  • The gradual change in the consumer behaviour called for unsettling strategies from the side of the brands. They came up with a plethora of ideas to advertise themselves. Several brands advertised necessary products and services that the time demanded.

    In the meantime, advertisers rolled up their sleeves. They fuelled the action of these brands. They fed the brand with necessary nutrients. Advertisers took their offices to their drawing rooms. The client meetings and staff meetings became virtual. Slowly, the disproportionate loss changed to the disproportionate success. Since the days and weeks started to be more uncertain, the employees became more agile. Within the duration of a year, the whole industry adapted to the new normal. The work-from-home culture revolutionized the face of advertising.

    Today, the Indian advertising industry's growth ranges upto 18% more when compared to 2020. The digital advertising agencies have paved their own way to the front, smoothening the roadblocks. Despite the pandemic-driven outlook, with the changed strategies, the advertising industry keeps turning on new lights.

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