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  • Give this a thought; you are planning to buy a new laptop for your study/work purpose and you know nothing about laptop companies. What would you do? Seeking suggestion from your friends/relatives could be your first priority. The next thing you may do is just open the internet and search “best laptop companies” or “best i5 processor laptop” or anything like that. After searching those,we would be presented with somany results, maybe from ecommerce sites or blogs or websites or companies. Then the next step you would do is to select one of those results on top and decide which brand you should buy or make a purchase.

    What really happened here? You searched on a search engine for something and that decided your purchase. The reason you selected that particular laptop brand is because it appeared in the top pages of the search results.

    Now, assume that you are a young entrepreneur trying to grow your business beyond locally. Then, you should own an attractive website that provides all the information of your business, because people will search about your business on the internet. But having an attractive website and good products do not bring customers. You get customers based on how you market your product.

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  • There are plenty of marketing and advertising techniques available now. Using those wisely is the main challenge for every entrepreneur. Traditional marketing techniques alone couldn’t fill your requirements. Becoming a strong presence on the internet is one of the main marketing techniques. Some might think that a strong social media presence is enough, but reality is, it’s not.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the marketing strategies under Digital marketing. Earlier, we discussed an example of laptop companies, and found that searching something on the internet can lead to a purchase or can influence a customer’s mind. The aim of doing SEO is to improve a website's position in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Securing a high rank in organic search results can definitely make potential customers trust the business, same as we believed the laptop company that appeared on top of the blog. One of the main features of SEO is that it’s totally free. You don’t have to pay anything to Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engines, but of course, hiring an SEO professional is the main expense for SEO. However, it will be worth the money once you get on the top. Ranking on top results of the search engine will increase people visiting your website and it will surely help your business.

    Doing SEO gives a website a lot of improvements. SEO is not only optimization of contents or images but it includes website quality; because search engines are ranked based on quality too. Optimizing the speed, malware checking, URL optimization, redirection check & fix are some of the common checklists of SEO. By doing SEO work, the owner will own a website which looks trustworthy and user friendly.

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  • Business listing on Google is one of the important SEO techniques that one should use. It is commonly referred to as Local SEO which helps your customers find you locally. Google also provides listings on Google Maps with this feature. Google business profiles’ reviews are the most common thing a user looks for to know the quality or services. It is important to keep updates on business profiles as it acts as a face of business in the search engine.

    Unlike other marketing techniques, SEO is a long term process. It requires time to get results if we start from scratch. But once we start getting ranked higher, the results can be long lasting, if the website is maintained neatly as google algorithm updates.

    Marketing is a process which includes a lot of traditional and modern techniques. Making each of them useful within the limit makes marketing a success. Click here to see what we can offer!

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