Photography in 2022

    After the great revolution in digital gadgets in the 21st century, one of the crucial fields that underwent big changes was photography. It changed in all ways; in style, in techniques and in numberless aspects.

    One thing a new photographer needs to understand is to get acquainted with all these new aspects in the industry.

    Do you still think photography is an art which can be done only by those who own a DSLR camera? Sorry! you seriously need to update your thoughts.

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  • You don’t have to visit famous photo sharing sites to see your competitors. Just open any social media and browse; you could find a generous amount of works which are done by the ones who own just a mobile phone and unmatching skills. Honestly, the world wants to see your works, not equipment. Keep improving, that is the only thing you need to do.

    As a professional career, photography has a wide range of paths that can be chosen according to the individual's taste.

  • 1) Wedding Photography
  • 2) Product photography
  • 3) Wildlife photography
  • 4) Event Photography
  • 5) Fashion Photography
  • 6) Fine Arts Photography
  • 7) Macro Photography
  • 8) Automotive Photography
  • 9) Photojournalism
  • 10) Astro Photography
  • 11) Advertising photography
  • The list is getting bigger and better day by day, the number of photography professionals as well!

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  • Photography in Marketing

    Photography has an inevitable role in marketing and advertising. It is true that anything which has a visual appeal will be more effective than those without a visual. Sometimes it is more powerful than a strong content.

    Think about yourself. What type of ads do you usually pay attention to? It will normally be an ad with an attractive image. The content and the product/service would be secondary for the viewer.

    In addition, photos play a crucial role in a brand's credibility. A brand/company with high quality professional images has a greater chance of getting more business than their competitors with lesser photographs, even though they both have the same peculiarities, because the final decision is up on the customer, whether to make a purchase or not. Certainly, photographs can decide your brand value.

    Another important thing about photography is, a single photo can communicate a thousand words. Making a photo which has a meaning and is creative is way more effective than a full page essay. In many campaigns, this strategy has been properly used to establish the idea.

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  • When we talk about expense and budget, the photography ad shoot can be expensive but not as expensive as a videography ad shoot. Photos can make the same impact as the videos. That does not mean that video shoots are not important, but it is an advanced level after the photoshoot in advertising.

    Nowadays, the audience are exposed to thousands of ads in their daily life, with or without photos. Everyone is competing to find a place in the audience's mind. Making high quality and unique contents have become a priority in marketing strategy. Hiring a photography professional to support the same will never go in waste. Otherwise, finding a professional advertising agency that does all those marketing strategies including branding, designing, photography and advertising can make marketing remarkably successful.

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