Are you chewing over the social media strategy for the year 2022? Would like to know which trend will affect the future of social media marketing?

    Well, guess what?

    We’re sharing here with you the 7 social media marketing and advertising trends to watch out for in 2022.

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  • Social Media for E-Commerce
  • Social commerce in India is emerging as a parallel shopping platform to large e-commerce marketplaces. From discovering the product or service to the buying decision to the checking out process, everything happens within the app or platform. If you sell online, using social media for e-commerce is the best choice for your business as you plan future growth.

  • Growth of Short-Form Video Content
  • Short-form videos are almost everywhere now. And all platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Moj, and MX Taka Tak expands their short-form video offerings. In India, the total time spent on short-form video platforms has gone up to 12 times. Recent research reveals that ‘less is more in the case of video marketing. They say that, even though video content is the now, short-form video content is the future.

  • Social Media – Necessity for both Individuals and Businesses alike
  • Social media is an integral part of our lives now. A day can’t be passed in peace without interacting with any of the social media platforms. Hence, the importance of social media in our lives is now unquestionable.

    If your businesses aren’t taking advantage of social within your digital marketing strategy, you’re probably missing out on a fast, inexpensive and effective way to reach almost half of the world’s population.

  • Facebook Still Dominates the Social Media Landscape
  • There’s no denying that Facebook’s organic reach has declined in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on this social network just yet. Facebook is still the undisputed heavyweight champion of social media platforms. India is the country with the most active Facebook users (290 million). So, continue to reap the benefits of Facebook marketing.

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  • The Rise of Bite-Sized Content
  • In a fast-paced world, where people’s attention span is decreasing, long-form content could be quite overwhelming. There’s where bite-size content comes in. Simple ideas with clear messages such as infographics, make it user-friendly. Bite-size content is easy to create and it funnels in more traffic day-to-day.

  • Augmented Reality Reshapes Social Networks
  • Augmented reality will continue to be a huge part of social media in the coming years even though it is still in its infancy at the moment. After Snapchat pioneered it, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have launched their lenses, effects and filters. Hence, AR is not only showing its value for entertaining and branding but also commerce.

  • User-Generated Content (UGC) is a Marketing Goldmine
  • 90% of customers say user-generated content influences their buying decision more than promotional emails and even search engine results. The simple reason is that consumers trust other consumers before they trust you as a brand. So, build your user-generated content strategy to stay one step ahead of your competition.

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  • Ready to stay on top of the trends?

    Anticipating the latest social media trends will help you to build your brand for the future. However, knowing what to prioritize next can be a bit of a challenge

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